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PRODUCT REVIEW: Cabeau Evolution Pillow

Why you need it  

There is nothing worse than nodding off on a plane and you wake up to your head resting on the passenger next to you. A Cabeau Evolution Pillow ensures you can get a comfortable rest without invading the space of your fellow passengers. The memory foam moulds around your neck for the perfect fit.


Responsive memory foam that fits to any neck size and raised side supports for full head support. There are adjustable sliding toggles and has a machine washable cover. The pillow folds into a convenient compact travel bag reducing space in your luggage. There is a pocket for your phone/music device with memory foam earplugs included. The pillow comes in 4 colours, Black, Red, Grey and Blue

Pillow Size: Length=240mm / Width=250mm / Height=125mm / Weight=330grams
Storage bag Size: Diameter=115mm / Height=140mm
Material: Cover=80% Cotton, 20% Polyester / Pillow=100% Polyurethane Memory Foam

Why you will love it

It is small and compact when tucked away in its travel bag, but such an easy to pack item that does so much. It is hard enough trying to sleep on a plane, so the Cabeau Evolution pillow is a necessity to aid in a comfortable sleeping position. I love the fact it has a place to tuck in my iPhone so I can easily tune out to what is going on around me and listen to my music.

Why you will hate it

It doesn’t stop the other passenger’s neck to you leaning on you, and you will only wish they had one too. After washing the cover, it is a little tricky to get back on the pillow, so be patient with it.

Where to get it

Purchase online at Global Travel Products for RRP $39.95 normally. However use the promo code GSS1503A or click the direct link ltravelproducts.com.au/promo/GSS1503A/store/cabeau-evolution-memory-foam-neck-pillow.html to receive a special discount.

Rating – 4/5