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Traveller Kate dives into the South pacific Here are her stories, published far and wide of those experiences.

Destinations South Pacific

Likuliku island life


Located on Malolo Island, one of Fiji’s some 332 islands, is the paradise resort Likuliku. Deriving its name from the Fijian word meaning calm waters, the resort is a baby…

Destinations South Pacific

Fiji from underwater


Diving under the crystal clear water brings a sense of calm, but not for long.  Fish start swarming from every angle.   Glints of silver and black stripes zip past…

Destinations South Pacific Traveller Ramblings

Bula from Fiji


Located in the South Pacific Ocean, the island paradise  of Fiji is made up from 322 islands (of which 106 are inhabited) and 522  smaller islets.

Viti Levu, the largest…