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RESTAURANT REVIEW: Find your African Mojo at moyo

moyo drumming on KarryOnIf you find yourself in Johannesburg looking for something uniquely African, Kate strongly recommends a night at moyo Restaurant. More than just a dining experience, moyo invites its patrons to eat it, live it and experience it through not only evocative cuisine, but from art and design to music and crafts.

Meaning ‘soul’ in Swahili, moyo embodies the vibrant yet modern soul of Africa. The smooth vibe is enhanced by drumming beats of funky rhythmic African melodies. So before you are even sipping on a glass of fine South Africa wine, you are immersed in the magic of Africa. The interactive dining experience allows unique activities like tribal face painting and having a turn at beating the drums to your very own tune.

Once you have your African Mojo flowing, the only thing left is the hard task of choosing from the urban cuisine offerings. The dining options are diverse, from relaxed meals in the outdoor square to the more intimate dinners in Gigi’s cosy alcoves.  A diverse yet authentic menu ranges from various meat dishes including local African game to the best the country has to offer in seafood. Vegetarian options are also available which is rare in this meat-eating country. Examples of meals include:

Carrot and cumin soup east african carrot soup with a touch of cumin spice

Isishebo lamb curry Traditional durban lamb curry cooked in our own special masala blend, served with sambals of coconut, bananas in yoghurt, fresh chillies,onions and tomatoes, fruit chutney and crisp popadums

Salt river sammoosa platter Pea and potato, cheese and curried beef mince samoosas (six of each flavour served on a platter),accompanied by a variety of seasonal fruit chutneys

Pan african seafood platter Venda calamari dophi, whole baby crayfish, grilled tiger prawns, squid head salad, cheese samoosas and angolan bacalhau quenelles,served with a yoghurt and jalapeno sauce and a chilli dipping sauce

Fillet khuzwayo Marrow bones topped with beef fillet, mushrooms and served with a gratinated bearnaise sauce

Lamb tagine Slow cooked lamb braised in tomato, fresh coriander, cumin and turmeric

Ox-tail Amos Ox-tail braised with butterbeans in red wine and beef stock jus

Lephalale springbok shank South african hannepoot braised springbok shank,served with a apricot and bitter almond chutney

Braais are “lekke”/ 250g fillet  Served with sweet spiced carrots with cumin and honey,green beans with sesame seeds and pap and sheba or chips

moyo restaurant KarryOn

Fast Facts

  • Meals will set you back approx. ZAR200 per person (AUD20)

  • Vegetarian options are available

  • Kids menu is available

  • Bookings are recommend but not essential


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