Flight Reviews

FLIGHT REVIEW: Air Pacific – Sydney to Nadi

Carrier: Air PacificFJ
Flight Number: FJ910 – Departing 13:10pm
Duration: 3 hours 45 mins
Class: D – Business
Configuration:2-2 in business class

Check in experience: Checking  in for business class was easy and I walked straight through on the priority  line.  After my luggage was tagged and  boarding passes issued by a friendly Air Pacific staff member, I went through  customs extremely fast due to an express pass issued by Air Pacific while  travelling in business class.

On time performance: The flight was scheduled to depart at 13:10, with boarding at 12:00.  However boarding did not commence until 13:00  , delaying the departure until 1335.  The  boarding was rushed due to the delay but staff were happy when assisting  passengers.

Seat/Cabin conditions: With a seating configuration in Business Class of 2-2, the cabin was  extremely spacious.  Seats were well  presented with comfortable blankets and pillow and ample storage space for  personal items.  The seats seemed huge  and although they did not recline to a flat sleeping position, it was  comfortable and spacious.

Meals & Snacks: Meals and drinks were served promptly, and presented well.  The meal was a filling choice of beef,  vegetarian or fish, accompanied by a tasty salad and delicious dessert of  chocolate cake.

Service: The professional and friendly staff came with the unmistakeable Fijian  smile and service, courteous and engaging which was pleasantly welcomed.  All cabin crew encountered were more than  happy to assist. The safety briefing was flawed by the PA system  and cut out often through demonstration, however cabin crew came around and  rehashed this with the safety cards found in the back of the seat.

Entertainment: Each seat has a personal TV unit with video/audio on demand.  The movies included latest releases as well  as some golden oldies.  A fantastic  program for children including games and informative destination information  was available.