Flight Reviews

FLIGHT REVIEW: South African Airways – Nelspruit to Johannesburg


Carrier: South  African Airways (Codeshare with Airlink)
Flight Number: SA8828 – Departing 10:15am
Duration: 1 hours and 05  minutes
Class: Y- Economy
Configuration: 1-2 Economy class
Check in experience: Even with a group check we were overweight in luggage as the allowed limit  is 20kg.  This slowed the check-in  process slightly.  The airport is very  small and there was limited people around so did not have to wait to check in. On time  performance: The  flight took off on time and arrived on time.
Seat/Cabin conditions: With only 29 seats all in economy class, this was by far the smallest plane  I had travelled on.  The seats were however  standard to economy class which was unexpected. The flight was completely full,  so made the plane feel extremely packed.
Service: There was only one airhost on board, but she easily attended to all  passengers with a polite and friendly manner.   A drink and small meal was also served on board shortly after take-off.
Entertainment: There was no on board entertainment systems as it was a short domestic  flight.  There was an inflight magazine  to read.