NOMAD AFRICA MAGAZINE: The Batwa Pygmy People of Bwindi

In the Nomad Africa Magazine April 2018 issue, Uganda’s Bwindi National Park is home to some of the world’s last mountain gorillas and once was home to the Batwa People – the original People of the Rainforest. Kate Webster treks into the forest to spend time with both gorillas and Batwa People.

I reached Bwindi National Park on dusk, a journey that took many hours along the dusty, rough roads of Uganda. The drive was scenic, winding through villages of mud huts mixed with the occasional splash of coloured door, to rolling hills of tea plantations.

Nearing the national park, the villages became more sparsely scattered amongst the hills and the roads turned more treacherous. The temperature had dropped as we climbed higher into the mountains.

Arriving at Chameleon Hill Lodge in the dying light, I was in awe at the view. The lodge sits perched on the hill overlooking Lake Mutanda with the Virunga Volcanoes as a magnificent backdrop. The mist clung to the lake and surrounding mountains as I stared out at the view –  the ‘Gorillas in The Mist’, I recently watched made complete sense. I couldn’t help but think about the journey that lay ahead of me. It had been a long day travelling, and with the early morning start, it was early to bed.

Waking at sunrise, I was already packed from the night before in anticipation of the early start. In daylight, the Chameleon Hill Lodge revealed its true colours. Literally – the flamboyant, colourful and vibrant lodge was quite the unique place to rest ones’ weary head.

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