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Why you need it

A multipurpose solar charger, for those trips where you are away from civilisation but still need to charge you phone, Gopro, iPad or other electrical devices. 


A foldable solar panel with a built in USB port. It comes with a triple adaptor lead, both micro and mini USB and old school iPhone plugs.

Why you will love it

It does what it says on the tin! No messing around, just put this baby in the sunshine and your device is getting some of the good stuff. It’s flexible and folds up small and thin, you can slide it in the back of your pack and you won’t even know it’s there. An essential must have for those remote trips or long getaways. My Samsung phone took about three hours to charge but iPhones take about two.

Why you will hate it

It needs sunshine, which is fine if you are doing a surf trip in North NSW or attending Burning Man Festival but in the colder cloudier regions it is next to useless. The iPad takes a little longer and I often got the message saying that it’s not a supported accessory. It gets really hot when you leave it in the sun but I’m just nitpicking, all in all a cracking piece of kit.

Where to get it

Order online here

Rating – 4/5


EnerPlex Kicker IV kit EnerPlex Kicker IV

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