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Why you need it 

Speaker: To hear your favourite music out loud.

Headphones: To hear your favourite music and nothing else.


Speaker: Bluetooth connection that’s easy to use and gives great clarity, aux input, water resistant I’m not sure how well it would work after being totally submersed in water but the rubber coating around the body has a good feel to it, It would probably be ok if you spilt a drink on it, 8hr battery life, 60 ft connection radius

Headphones:  Bluetooth connection very similar to the speaker, the speaker and headphones are both charged with micro Usb (smart phone charger), aux input, 15 hr battery life, dual device connection, 150 ft connection radius.

Why you will love it

Speaker: It is light and small and fits into a pocket just about but still gives a surprising amount of volume. The bass response is pretty good as well, it’s perfect for a BBQ, on the beach or camping.

Headphones: A sturdy design and a very clear sound, the reduction of outside noise is enough so that on a plane or train you won’t hear anybody talking. They are comfortable to wear and the padding around the ears forms a good seal.

Why you will hate it

Speaker: As a small speaker it does have its limits of volume and bass.

Headphones: it is not very easy to adjust the height of the speakers, the bracket is a bit stiff.

Where to get it

It is available on

Punk wireless speaker: $69.99 AUD

Tracks Air Headphones: $199.99 AUD

Rating – 4.5/5  



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