PRODUCT REVIEW: Thankyou Body Care Products

Why you need it

Thankyou Body Care products are feel good in so many ways. Of course they cleanse, moisturize and revive your skin with wonderful scented products. However they also help more than just your body feel invigorated and alive.

The products have been developed with love and care to ensure they are not only good for you, but good for the world too. Thankyou Body Care exists to fund life-changing hygiene and sanitation projects in developing nations.


What if you saw your friends and family dying from preventable diseases but didn’t know how to stop it? Sadly, this is the reality for around 2.4 billion people in our world who don’t have access to adequate hygiene and sanitation.

In Australia, we place a large importance on hygiene and sanitation practices to avoid sickness and disease. However many communities in developing nations have never been taught the benefits of something as simple as washing their hands with soap.

Through Thankyou Body Care, they work with project partners to educate and empower communities to practice correct hygiene and sanitation for real and lasting change.

Why you will love it

Thankyou says “we fund sustainable hygiene and sanitation education programs tailored for each community area. Education is at the centre of the solution. By educating the community about personal, food and water hygiene practices we aim to achieve long-term behavioural change within the community to transform lives for a healthier future.”

Where to get it

Thankyou Body Care is available throughout Australia at stores like Coles, Woolworths, IGA, Chemmart and more.

Rating – 5/5


Thankyou Hand Sanitiser

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