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ASIAN JOURNEYS MAGAZINE: Travel Beyond the beaten track

Blink and you missed 2018 right? As I sit here at the end of January 2019, I am worried that this year will pass by just as quickly which is why I am making a plan for 2019 now to go even further beyond the beaten track.

Some people set their New Year’s resolutions on the 31st of December so come 1st January and the start of the new year, they diligently go about keeping those promises. For myself, I like to start planning where foreign roads will lead me in the upcoming year.

There has been a lot of positive movement in the way people travel now. People are becoming more intrepid, seeking experiences beyond the ordinary and exploring in a way that offers more self-reward and accomplishment.

I know my journeys in 2018 led me to a stronger understanding and awareness of the world around me. Returning home to the Gold Coast after each of my travels, I was determined to make a difference in every way possible to sustain the ‘tread lightly’ approach on this planet.

Whilst being a tourist is always exciting in a new destination, I found my greatest most cherished memories came when I stepped off that beaten track and became a traveller. Yes, I took in city sights, snapped photos that made my Instagram account look plump and experienced popular activities in the destinations I visited. However, it was not until I took myself out of that comfort zone and got a little bit lost, that I truly found the best that that destination had to offer.

For me, being a tourist is great to get your bearings and give you a taste of a place, but it is when you go beyond that, that your journey begins. When you dine with the locals, hear their stories and learn their way of life; when you learn a skill and implement it in the current environment; when you step foot in places that you can’t find on any tourist map and unexpectedly you discover a cause worth fighting for. This is when a destination reveals its hidden gems and you cross over from being a tourist and become a traveller.

In doing this, I found a greater appreciation for my time spent travelling. I began to travel with reason and cause and to learn more about how I can make a positive impact in this world. Therefore, in 2019, as I continue to discover new places and revisit some of old, I will be doing so with the mindset of not only allowing it to change me, but hopefully change those people with whom I meet along the way.

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