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Back to nature

Kate Webster takes time to relax, unwind and recharge at Crystal Creek Rainforest Retreat.

Every now and then I think it is important to switch off, completely disconnect from the world and tune in to nature. This really does recharge the mind and soul in the purest way.

Hidden on the Far North Coast of New South Wales, Australia in the Tweed region is Crystal Creek Rainforest Retreat. A scenic hour drive from the Gold Coast and you are on the doorstep of this lush valley, surrounded on three sides by the world heritage-listed Numinbah Nature Reserve and Springbrook National Park.

As if seeing the beauty of this region from afar was not spectacular enough, Crystal Creek Rainforest Retreat brings the rainforest to your very back door. My abode for a few nights was Lamington Lodge, one of the five Luxury Mountain View Lodges found higher in the Retreat.

These lodges are as breathtaking on the inside as the views outside. Luxurious down to the last detail while being environmentally conscious, the open planned space mixed with floor-to-ceiling glass windows make you feel at one with nature. I found my days spent on the back deck, enjoying the symphonies of the surrounding rainforest while cooling off in the private plunge pool.

Crystal Creek Rainforest Retreat is a place where your living space is just as much your destination. There are no restaurants on site, instead a delicious hamper option for daily meals that you can cook yourself in the fully functional kitchen or out on the back-deck BBQ.

Dragging myself away from the blissful retreat, I ventured on a short walk through the rainforest to the rockpools. After a quick refreshing swim, it was time to retreat to the hammocks hung across the flowing creek below. Drifting off into a peaceful snooze, listening to the waterfalls over the rocks and rainforest birds call, is easy here.

After an evening at Crystal Creek Rainforest Retreat, falling asleep to the rainforest’s natural orchestra of cicadas and wind in the leaves is only rivalled by waking to the sun rising over the silhouette of the canopy as morning birds stir.

By taking this time to get back to nature, I left with a floating feeling, refreshed and inspired to take more time out like this in future.

For more visit Crystal Creek Rainforest Retreat at www.ccrr.com.au  

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