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Bathe with Bali’s Elephants

At some point on your travels to South East Asia you are bound to ride an elephant.

It is a strange experience being perched so high on these slow moving and sometimes temperamental animals.  However at Bali’s Elephant Safari Park & Lodge they take the elephant experience a step further, allowing you to jump in the water with the elephants for a spot of bath time.

Yes, you can actually bathe with them.  An experience the elephants seem to enjoy just as much as their bath-time buddies.  It is at first a little daunting, sitting bare back on the elephants as they slowly saunter into the cool waters.  However any nervous feelings soon leave as the playful elephants begin splashing about, showering you with bursts of water from their trunks.  It is a very playful and unique experience that goes beyond the simple elephant joy ride.

The Elephant Safari Park is located just 20 minutes north of Ubud and 75minutes north of Ngurah Rai Airport in the historic village of Taro. Covering 3.5 hectares, the Park offers a world exclusive experience to interact, feed, ride, observe, learn, play and stay with 30 beautiful Sumatran elephants.  These are one of the rarest and endangered species of elephants left in the world today.  The Elephant Arena displays three daily Elephant Talent shows and there is time to interact with the elephants at the feeding and petting area.  Guests can visit the park for the day and experience the elephants, including day visitors off a number of cruise boats that stop in Bali.

For a more extended experience, the Elephant Safari Park has its very own lodge.  Elephant Safari Park Lodge is a luxury private purpose built 25 room safari-style lodge which offers all the features of a luxury boutique resort.  Guests can experience waking to the sight and sound of a herd of elephants meandering to the lake for their morning bathing ritual.  Purpose built landings at the rooms’ front door allow guests to be collected by their own private Elephant Chauffeur, before going on an elephant back trek through Taro forest.

There is a restaurant that overlooks the elephant bathing pool so your launch can come with a show.  The Safari Wellness Spa and adjacent Fitness Room have incredible vistas of the elephants at rest and play in their lush habitat.  Whatever you do during your stay at the Elephant Safari Park Lodge will include some sort of interaction or visuals with the elephants.

The Elephant Safari Park has launched some new day visitor programs so you too can experience this unique activity.