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Flight Review: Qantas codeshare – Sydney to Johannesburg

Carrier: Qantas codeshare SAA

Aircraft: Boeing 747-400

Flight Number: SA7701 – Departing  10:00am

Duration: 14 hrs 15 mins

Class: Y – Economy

Configuration: 3-4-3

Check in experience:  Checking in was busy due to Qantas  checking in a number of flights through the same check-in desks. Despite this  the process was efficient and the que moved quickly. The check-in staff  assisted with seat allocation and were friendly. On time performance: The  flight was scheduled to depart at 10:00am and did so on time. The flight was  smooth and time was gained on the flight so we arrived earlier than scheduled.

Seat/Cabin conditions: The plane appeared very new. Single  beam seat design provided excellent leg room, with a 78.7cm (31in) seat pitch  and seat width of to 44.9cm (17.7in) and 15.2cm (6in) recline. The seat base  and ergonomic cushions made it a comfortable flight. It helped that the flight  was not full so there were many empty seats allowing you to spread out.

Meals & Snacks: Meals and drinks were served  promptly, and presented well. Lunch was served shortly after take off,  consisting of salad, chicken or tuna selection and chocolate snack. The dinner  meal was a filling choice of beef casserol or pork with vegetarian option also  available. Beverages were served throughout the flight along with a choice of  snacks. For those people who were still hungry, Qantas offered a self-service  snack bar.

Service: The staff were courteous and  engaging which was pleasantly welcomed on such a long flight. All cabin crew  encountered were more than happy to assist and even continued to bring me  frozen orange iceblocks to sooth my sore throat. Even after 14 hours in the  air, the cabin crew displayed light hearted humour.

Entertainment: Each seat had large in-seat screens  offering over 1500 entertainment including the digital games, Lonely Planet  destination guides and a dedicated kids section. you can create your own  individual playlists and access PC power and USB ports. There was a wide  selection of movies that kept me entertained in the long flight.