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Restaurant Review: Tribes in South Africa

After  a week of game viewing in South Africa, it was rather extraordinary to be sat  down ordering a meal that consists of the very animals I had just seen roaming  wild and free.  But with the sense of  Africa all around me, I felt adventurous.

Tribes Restaurant has a modern African theme that serves  traditional cuisine with a unique tribal touch. The pride of Africa is enhanced in the ancestral décor and stylish  furnishings of the restaurant combined with personalized attention to detail.  This is a restaurant that is everything South  African.

As I gaze over an exquisite menu with a variety of meals  covering steaks, venison, lamb and the  best of the African coastline offering the finest quality seafood, my eyes rest  upon the traditional South African specialties area, Out of Africa.

A seasonal variety of available African game is  on the menu.  I am intrigued to let my  tastebuds explore such a menu.  From medallions of Ostrich fillet served with your  choice of either black cherry or spicy jalapeno and feta sauce, to the roaming  antelope options of Kudu and Impala and not forgetting the Warthog fillet.

There is also a  selection of local South African specialties including boerewors, that  comes from the Afrikaans words boer (“farmer”) and wors (“sausage”) is a continuous spiral of sausage that is usually braaied  (Barbequed) and served with pap (traditional South African porridge made from mielie-meal).  Curiosity overcomes me and I decide on the Game Platter, a  selection of game basted and grilled to perfection and served with onion rings Mielie-pap  and vegetables.  The game available at  the time included warthog, ostritch, kudu and impala.

While  finishing one of the most interestingly delicious meals I have had to date,  feeling like I was still on my African safari sat in the boma (place of eating)  inspired part of the restaurant; the sounds of African drums filled the  air.

My meal had turned  into a true dining experience as South African tribal dances performed and  played the beats of drums to Shosholoza, a  Ndebele folk song that is so popular in South African culture, it is referred  to as the countries second national anthem. The song tells the story of Ndebele all-male migrant workers that were  working in the South African mines in a call and response style.   The performance ends a night filled with dining,  atmosphere and entertainment that fulfils the wildest of imaginations.

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